Our offer in the field of recovery services

- Loss of password for hardware or online wallet - the user is aware of what password could be set.
- The user has lost up to 4 characters of the private key.
- The user has lost the backup and private key, but there is a chance that they are on his computer.
- The user would like to use the backup, but it is damaged (depending on the type of backup and the method of damage, we can determine the probability of solving the problem).
- The user has sent Bitcoin (BTC) to Bitcoincash (BCH).
- The user does not remember what portfolio he used, for which he deposited funds in the past.

Educational consultations

In the scope of our services, educational consultations are also available, which can be done online or live, depending on the client's needs. If we consider the problem we will get for consideration prosaic, we treat it in the form of an educational consultation, because we are able to indicate to the client its manual solution.

The educational consultation offer includes :

- Ways and solutions in the context of securing your own crypto currencies.
- Comprehensive knowledge of how to store and transfer cryptographic currencies
- Transfer of skills and knowledge in the field of basic forms of recovering lost or imprisoned funds
- Knowledge in the field of cybersecurity
- Knowledge from Blockchain / DLT distributed registers
- Knowledge of non-standard cryptocurrencies, offering games on options or derivatives.

Price list

Due to the variety and complexity of problems that are associated with a limited or complete lack of access to funds, but also due to the nominal value of funds that are recoverable, we negotiate the price terms of our service. By default, we collect 18% of the value of recovered funds.


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