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We recover lost or imprisoned funds.

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  How it Works ?

We specialize in solving technical problems related to the loss or limitation of access to cryptographic currencies. Our offer is comprehensive, and we approach each problem individually. We also provide services in the form of consultations, educating our clients about the blockchain and cryptocurrency areas.

  Get to know our process

Each cryptocurrency holder faces risks related to their storage and their use. We offer users a quick and efficient solution to their problems

    We locate and accurately describe the problem to provide an effective solution.
    Our team of experts on blockchain and cybersecurity solutions is developing a tailor-made solution.
    We provide and implement an effective solution, along with guidelines and recommendations for future user activities

  Our offer

Our offer in the field of recovery services

1 Our offer in the field of recovery services

Problems we solve:

  • Loss of password for hardware or online wallet - the user is aware of what password could be set
  • The user has lost up to 4 characters of the private key
  • The user has sent Bitcoin (BTC) to Bitcoincash (BCH)
  • The user has lost the backup and private key, but there is a chance that they are on his computer
  • The user would like to use the backup, but it is damaged (depending on the type of backup and the method of damage, we can determine the probability of solving the problem)
Educational consultations

2 Educational consultations

In the scope of our services, educational consultations are also available, which can be done online or live, depending on the client's needs. If we consider the problem we will get for consideration prosaic, we treat it in the form of an educational consultation, because we are able to indicate to the client its manual solution.

Price list

3 Price list

Due to the variety and complexity of problems that are associated with a limited or complete lack of access to funds, but also due to the nominal value of funds that are recoverable, we negotiate the price terms of our service. By default, we collect 25% of the value of recovered funds.


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Coinform AMLT platform
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  Cryptocurrencies have been stolen?

Report suspicious cryptocurrency wallet

Your cryptocurrencies have been stolen, and you know the wallet they were transferred to? Or maybe you have been cheated and voluntarily transferred cryptocurrencies to a fraudster wallet? Regardless of the fraud method, report the suspicious wallet using the form below. It will be sent to the AMLT Network, making it easier to track down the stolen funds.
You can also report neutral or trusted wallet addresses. Remember that by submitting your address you support the blockchain economy, thus reducing the risk of future frauds.

How do I report a wallet?
  1. Enter the wallet address in the "Provide address" field. The tool only supports BTC, ETH, DASH, NEO and LTC wallets.
  2. Choose address type:
    High Risk (suspicious portfolios, used e.g. by fraudsters);
    Neutral (neutral wallets);
    Recommended (trusted portfolios, e.g. business partners or known institutions).
  3. If you have chosen High Risk or Neutral, select the flags that best describe the nature of the offense associated with the address. You can choose one or more flags. We described their meaning under the form.
  4. Provide proof i.e. indicate the address of the page where the wallet address is used or attach other documents confirming fraud.

The meaning of "flag":
  • Scam – a scam that usually consists of impersonating a legally operating company that offers, for example, attractive investments. As a result, however, the funds entrusted to such a company are stolen and often liquidated, e.g. using cryptocurrencies.
  • Hack – theft of cryptocurrency as a result of hacking hack.
  • Mixer – website (tool) for "mixing" cryptocurrencies from an illegal source with legal cryptocurrencies. As a result, illegal measures become difficult to trace.
  • ID theft – crimes related to identity theft. For example, using someone's ID to take out a loan or hack into a bank account.
  • Illegal activity – portfolio related to criminal activities.
  • Blackmail – address used by blackmailers.
  • Other – another reason.

What is AMLT Network and how does it work?

AMLT Network is part of the Coinfirm AML platform, belonging to the Coinfirm company specializing in counteracting money laundering on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Thanks to the above form, Internet users can report suspicious wallet addresses related to online crimes such as scams, hacking and data theft. All reported addresses are verified by Coinfirm employees, and then added to the AML Platform, i.e. the ecosystem used by, e.g. cryptocurrency exchanges. As a result, system participants can block suspicious users and the funds accumulated on their accounts. This prevents exchange of stolen funds on stock exchanges.